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Summary Offense Defense

Have You Been Charged with a Summary Offense?

Results-Oriented Representation in Summary Offense Cases

In the state of Pennsylvania, a summary offense is the lowest level of criminal offense, initially heard and decided by a district justice or magistrate. Many violations of the Motor Vehicle Code, such as speeding, illegal parking and going through a red light, are summary offenses. Non-traffic summary offenses include disorderly conduct, underage drinking, harassment, criminal mischief and first offense shoplifting.

Sharif Abaza assists clients facing a wide range of summary offenses including:

  • Criminal Mischief
  • Defiant Trespassing
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • First Offense Retail Theft Less Than $150.00
  • Harassment
  • Speeding
  • Parking Tickets
  • Public Drunkenness
  • Underage Drinking
  • Vehicular Violations
  • Violation of Dog Laws

A summary offense cannot be ignored.

Some summary offenses will add points to your license and increase insurance premiums. Others carry license suspensions and/or mandatory jail time. You typically have 10 days to respond with either a guilty or not guilty plea. Regardless of the position you take, you will be required to provide money to the magistrate. If convicted of a summary offense, the penalty could be a jail sentence of up to 90 days and a $300 fine.

Contact Sharif Abaza before your plead guilty to a summary offense.

Before pleading guilty to a summary offense, know what you are getting into and contact The Law Office of Sharif N. Abaza. As an experienced criminal trial attorney in Bucks County, Mr. Abaza can review your case for any legal discrepancies and discuss your defense options. He knows how to fight and appeal a summary offense and may be able to get the charges reduced or dismissed.


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