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How to Avoid a DUI this Holiday Season

It is important to be cautious of drinking alcohol and driving every day of the year, but with the holidays quickly approaching, planning ahead to avoid a DUI is especially important.

According to the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 40% of traffic-related deaths during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays involve drunk driving. Between Christmas and New Years Day, the average number of fatalities involving alcohol-impaired drivers rise 34% in the United States. With an increased number of drivers on the roads for the holidays, there is also a significantly higher number of alcohol-impaired drivers.

Use these following tips to avoid a DUI and driving drunk this holiday season:

Tip 1: Don’t Drink and Drive

Just don’t do it. Don’t have “just one.” Don’t rely on portable breathalyzers. Just so not drink and drive.

Tip 2: Be Smart About Drinking

If you plan on driving or not, be smart about your drinking. Make sure to eat plenty of food to avoid a spike in intoxication.

Tip 3: Call a Cab Even if You Live Close

Being close to home does not decrease your chance of a DUI or of even getting home safely. Get a ride from a designated driver, call a cab or a ride service.

Tip 4: Don’t Rely on the “One Drink an Hour” Motto

Everyone reacts to alcohol differently. Do not rely on the one-hour, one-drink rule. It doesn’t work.

Tip 5: Choose a Reliable Designated Driver

Make sure your designated driver knows his or her responsibility and does not have one sip of alcohol.

Tip 6: Book a Hotel or Stay with a Friend

If you are going out for a holiday party, plan to stay with a friend or book a room in advance. It’s a lot cheaper than a DUI!

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Avoid a DUI during the holidays

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